Sound healing with singing bowls (ENG)

Sound healing with singing bowls (ENG)

Sound healing with singing bowls

What is sound healing?

External use of vibration/sound to dissipate physical pain, induce relaxation and aid your body to heal itself more efficiently.

Why does it work?

  • Our bodies contain water 90%. Using sound vibration, it will help your body to sort out energy in cellular level, excrete toxins and balance cerebral hemisphere.
  • Sound healing creates a massage-like feeling in the body internally, within muscles and cell tissues.
  • Listening to singing bowls, our brain wave oscillation automatically drops down to Alpha and Theta waves. This is a state of deep sleep or meditative state of consciousness. During this time, our body is in complete relax state.

LIISI KÕUHKNA is an art therapy graduate (BA and MA)

Energywork and sound healing studies:

  • „Singing bowl foundation course“. Shima Healing Institute, Thailand, Koh Yao Noi island, 2019.
  • OSHO Meditation: In-Depth & Facilitating, Tallinn, 2020.
  • Reiki I -ja II attunement, Tallinn, 2020.
  • „Balance with the support of essential oils“, Tallinn, 2021.
  • „Sound therapy course“. Gong- and sound SPA Academy Estonia, Adila, 2021.

PS! Sound healing is forbidden for pregnant women, after operation (6 months min), people with serious heart diseases and epilepsy. Sound therapy with placing bowl on the body is not recommended for clients with agressive cancer or people, who have any metal operated into the body.

Place: TAO Keskus centre, Rotermanni 2
Price: 45 EUR
Time: 45 min

Phone: +372 5666 5255

Juhendaja: Liisi Kõuhkna


tel: +372 5666 5255