Cosmic Gong Journey | Chakra Activation Astral Travel


Cosmic Gong Journey | Chakra Activation Astral Travel


10 €


1,5 h


reedel, 9.nov ja 16.nov kella 19 - 20.30



Take a deep breath, relax, set your intentions towards positivity, love & light and let these Alfa waves to heal your body mind and soul!
We take you to powerful Sound Journey with seven planetary gongs, tibetan singing bowls, drums, bells and other healing sounds like nature sounds, animals, oceans ect to activate and balance your chakras (energy centers) and have a deep journey into your inner cosmos.

Welcome Friday 19.00
Doors open from 18.30
@ Tao Keskus (Rotermann City, Stalkeri käik opposite of cafe Röst)

Mats, pillows are available at the place. Dress comfy and warm to lay down on the mat for 90 min. 

Donation 10 eur

Guided by Krista & Whitedove (UK)