Dance into Intimacy and Ecstasy - Biodanza with Niraj (UK)


Dance into Intimacy and Ecstasy - Biodanza with Niraj (UK)


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3. juuni kell 18:30 - 20.30



Dance into Intimacy and Ecstasy - Biodanza with Niraj (UK)

Aeg: 03. juuni 2019 kell 18.30
Koht: Tao Keskus, Rotermanni 2.
Osaluspanus: 15€
Info: 58046838


Oled väga oodatud Biodanza õpetaja Nirajiga (Inglismaa) juhendmisel avastama oma elusolemise rõõme. Rõõme lihtsalt liikumisest ja eneseväljendusest. Rõõmu olla koos teistega. Rõõm puudutada ja saada puudutatud, soojust ja lähedust. Rõõmsalt tähistada elu ja sügavalt lõdvestuda. Avada oma hinge erinevatele rõõmudele läbi rütmi ja muusika, pillide ja hääle. Rõõm tantsida oma elu tantsu.

Niraj on tegelenud Biodanzaga  juba 22 aastat ja ta on director Dorseti (UK) Biodanza koolis ja ta korraldab iga-aastast boidanza festivali Ocho Leelas juba 13. aastat. Niraj on osav inimeste avamisel Tantra eri aspektidele nagu tundlikkus, sensuaalsus, puudutus, kiindumus ja füüsiliste piiride ületamine. Ta kasutab Biodanza’t, mis on kombinatsioon tantsust, liigutustest ja harjutustest luues ruumi sügavaks kogemuseks iseendas ja koos teistega. Iga töötuba on kogemuslik, see on keskkond, kus sõnu ei kasutata ja häälestutakse sügavasse keha tarkusesse. Niraji on Biodanza’st vaimustunud olnud alates 1997, ta juhib õpetaja koolitusprogrammi ning on koolitust saanud ka Osho Humaniversity õppeprogrammis.


Time: 3rd June 6.30pm
Venue: Tao Center, Rotermanni 2.
Price: on spot single entrance 15€.
Info: 58046838
Please register before https://goo.gl/forms/lHGDX0EjToBviNYX2

Another chance to dance the dance of life and be moved and inspired by music in multiple different ways. We start off lively and upbeat with tropical rhythms and vital music to get the juices flowing and invite freedom of expression and playfulness. The next stage is to invoke the melody to enhance sensitivity and subtlety of feeling, allowing us to come closer to each other and repair the existential disconnection many people feel these days. When we allow ourselves to drop the barriers between us and the others something magical and beautiful arises.
See you in the dancefloor!

Biodanza offers an opportunity to explore all this and much, much more, using a mixture of music to move, motivate and inspire, to soothe, harmonise and relax our beings. Born in South America, this transformative dance system has spread around the world, and is now available in Estonia!

Biodanza offers the possibility, through movements that arise vitality, connection, and integration. An opportunity to deepen your connection, discover an intimacy and flow with existence.

Biodanza, the Dance of Life, is a system of human development that promotes integration of the human being on various levels: connection with oneself, with others and with the life. The process is facilitated through music, movement and dance, to induce intensified experiences of feeling alive.

Biodanza effectively stimulates the development and fuller expression of our innate human potentials along the lines of vitality, sexuality, creativity, affectivity and transcendence. Biodanza offers a holistic approach that supports wellbeing in all areas of life and can have deeply therapeutic benefits. It enhances self-esteem, develops creativity, encourages an expansion of consciousness and revives the joy of living!
The system is based on a theoretical model, based on the life sciences, on observation, study and experimentation. The theory of Biodanza reflects the latest research on the interdependence of the physical, emotional and biochemical aspects of our human existence. It was created in the 1960’s and has been evolving ever since. The founder of Biodanza, professor Rolando Toro Araneda, was nominated for a Nobel peace prize for his positive contribution to humanity through his work with Biodanza.
Biodanza is the art of dancing your life, the art of living with plenitude, pleasure, purpose and connection.
Biodanza assists people to recover their natural movement. No previous dance experience is necessary, people of every age, shape and gender can participate in the dance of life.

About Niraj:
Niraj has been immersed in Biodanza for almost 22 years and is the Director of the Dorset School of Biodanza in the UK and organiser and host to the annual International Biodanza Festival at Osho Leela, now in it's 13th year.

In 2008 I started the Dorset School of Biodanza, located at Osho Leela in Gillingham, Dorset, where I also had the pleasure to live for seven years from 2005-12. We are now in the fourth cycle of the teacher training. Graduates have gone on to seed Biodanza in Czech Republic and Thailand.
I teach regularly in England and all over the world. I am bringing Biodanza to the attention of the world of tantra and have been successful with this integration by offering vivencias at many events for this community in the UK and abroad.

I also have specialisation certificates to teach Biodanza and the Four Elements, Biodanza in Nature, Biodanza and Shamanism, AquaBiodanza, Biodanza for Children, Biodanza and Massage, Contact Education, The Heart of Transformation, the Minotaur Project and the Argonaut Mission. I worked with Rolando Toro directly on many occasions and have been involved in Biodanza in England, Scotland, France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Portugal, Greece, Slovenia, Thailand, New Zealand, South Africa, Denmark, Norway, India, Israel, the Canary Islands and Brazil.
I was treasurer of The Association of Biodanza Teachers UK (ABTUK) until 2012, and was part of the organising committee for the First NW European Encounter of Biodanza held in Canterbury in June 2005. I have since organised and led ten highly acclaimed Festivals of Biodanza which are held at Osho Leela in Dorset. New festivals in Ibiza and Delhi, India began under my leadership in 2015.