Stress Release & Brain Activation

Stress Release & Brain Activation






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Stress Release & Brain Activation

Through Light & Sound

How can the sound of thoughts in your head become your own music? 🎵 How to solve complex tasks at work and in life? 🤔 How to work efficiently and avoid burnout? 🚀 How to manage stress? 😓 How to improve learning and speed of thought? 🧠 How to make fast and effective decisions in current tasks? 🚀
How to engage yourself and live a more fulfilling life? 🌟

🖖 The answer is simple - break out of your brain's usual thinking patterns, destroying neural connections formed from habits, thinking patterns, and regular stress.
But it's not that simple! It takes time, effort, and persistence. ⏳ But we're going to spend a lot of time on it! People always look for effective and simple solutions! 🚀

We have such a solution! An innovative method of stress relief, acceleration, and brain activation using gong sound and light flashes. ✨🔔
At the heart of the method is the physical impact of sound on the body and the scientific discovery of the ability of flickering light to increase the production of myelin - a substance responsible for insulating neurons and accelerating the transmission of electrical signals. ⚛️ This increases learnability, speeds up thought processes, increases neuroplasticity, reduces stress, anxiety, and affects behavior like meditation. 🧘‍♂️
Together with light stimulation, we will use sound therapy. 🎶

Gongs are some of the most powerful sound therapy tools that easily induce a trance state. They are natural idiophones capable of creating natural white noise with a wide spectrum of harmonic overtones, subtle high-frequency overtones accompanying the main tone. Vibrating at frequencies close to 4-7 Hz, these frequencies lead to the occurrence of binaural oscillations, opening the doors to the subconscious, synchronizing the hemispheres of the brain, harmonizing the state of mind, increasing the production of happiness hormones (serotonin, dopamine, endorphin) and also triggering processes of self-regulation, cleansing, and restoration in the body at the cellular level. 🌀🔊
This creates a super skill for your consciousness.🔥 It's in the balanced state of both hemispheres that those enlightenments and effective solutions are found, and insights occur. 🧘‍♀️
🖖 So! We invite you to a completely innovative event for activating your multidimensional thinking. You can set an intention and consciously request solutions for your tasks or just relieve accumulated tension, as the brain will be in a theta state. For those who find it difficult to enter a state of meditation due to constant intellectual or stress loads, this is especially suitable. 🌈🧠

💰 COST: - 35€
Payment in cash or crypto ₿ on the spot

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