Tantra Massage Therapist Training in Tallinn, Estonia

Tantra Massage Therapist Training in Tallinn, Estonia



11 days


Tantra Massage Therapist Training in Tallinn, Estonia

Our Tantra Massage Therapist Training (TMT) will train anyone who is interested to become a tantric healer in personal or professional life in the practical skill of Tantra massage. The course includes the full teachings of energy massage, also yoni and lingam massage.
The beneficial aspects of Tantra Massage are many. Its significance today as an instrument of healing is far-reaching and, in fact, mind-blowing. Not only is it famed for its ability to remove sexual and energetic blockages from the body, but it can also eradicate common dysfunctions, an inability to achieve deep states of orgasm (especially in the case of women), and other psychosomatic issues. This is a beautiful way to share the very beneficial aspects of touch and energy exchange, and to bring restorative, sacred healing to your partner or clients.


  • Discover of the full body energy orgasm and how to attain it
  • Feel and master sexual energy in yourself and others
  • Understanding the human energy system and channels
  • Learning about the marma points in Ayurveda and how they are used in Tantra Massage
  • Theoretical teachings regarding karma, detachment, and consecration; how to avoid negative karma and negative effects from giving a massage
  • Plus much more!

Read about the course content: https://somananda.org/.../tantra-massage-therapist-training/
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IMMERSE IN THE WORLD OF SACRED HEALING! Join us on 25 August - 4 September 2022 in Tallinn, Estonia.
This course is led by head teachers Somananda and Liisa Maimon and is supported by other team members. Teaching language is English.